Gas vs Wood Fired Pizza Ovens, Which Is Better?

Choosing the best variation of the pizza oven is another mind-boggling battle. There are some points to consider before finally taking home a pizza oven. Check out this list to have a better understanding of choosing between the two variants Gas or Wood.

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Gas vs Wood Fired Oven

Temperature: Not all gas pizza ovens can reach the peak heat of a wood-fired pizza oven, so you might want to take this factor into consideration when choosing one. But a gas-fired pizza oven's temperature can be controlled easily and quickly than a wood-fired pizza oven.

Cleaning:  A gas pizza oven requires less maintenance in terms of cleaning as they leave no residue during the entire process. A wood-fired oven needs a bit of extra work because the ash needs to be cleared up periodically which is left after the wood has burnt.

Space: Wood-fired pizza ovens need more space in your home or garden because firing and storing wood takes up more space than a gas-powered burner. A wood rack is usually added to store wood that increases the space of a wood fire oven. Gas ovens do not need any additional arrangements they just require a burner thus minimizing the space required.

Weight: Convenience is one good factor of gas pizza ovens. They can be simply trolleyed in and out of your area as they do not weigh much. Smaller wood-fired pizza ovens and LP Gas-fired pizza ovens can be built on trolleys and moved around easily.

Fire and State Regulations: During summer in many parts of Australia, lighting up a pizza oven and wood-burning in the outdoors is prohibited. Check this out with your local fire regulatory board or council. In some states of Australia, wood-fired ovens are prohibited in food trucks and other outdoor entertainment areas therefore a gas-fired oven may your only option.

Cooking time: Generally, a wood-fired pizza oven heats up quicker using conduction heat because the fire is built directly on the floor and the coals can be spread all over the floor to speed up this process even faster. Gas ovens rely on radiant heat to heat up the floor which can take longer especially in larger ovens. In the case of a Stainless Steel type wood-fired oven or ovens with Cotto style refractory floors, this is not the case and they heat up rapidly and make your delicious pizzas in a moment.

What are the advantages of Gas Ovens?

  • Controlling your oven temperature is fast and easy.
  • The gas pizza oven is easy to operate. They are very simple to use, turn them on, heat them up, cook your pizzas, and turn them off.
  • For pizza stores or cafes, a gas-fired pizza oven's flame can be controlled easily to minimize energy costs and give staff more freedom to focus on other things.
  • Cleaner and require little clean-up time.
  • Gas supply is very convenient to find and use. They are readily available in the market or can be refilled from your local hardware store, local servo, or convenience store.
  • LPG is hotter than Natural Gas which is an added benefit.
  • Pizzas look almost the same as a wood fire oven.

What are the advantages of a Wood-fired Pizza Oven?

  • Wood-Fired ovens cook quickly since they can reach temperatures ranging from 500 to 700 degrees Celsius. Your Neopolitan-style pizza can get ready to serve in just 90 seconds.
  • They boost the Flavor of the food. You may notice that pizza cooked in a wood-fired oven have a significantly different taste. They enhance the taste of meat, fish, vegetables, and other food by adding a smoky unique flavour that can’t be achieved with gas or regular home ovens.
  • The wood fire helps retain the nutrients of the food. Due to the hot flame, cooking is quick, antioxidants and nutrients are retained.
  • Wood-Fired Pizza Ovens can serve other purposes too. Being versatile, these ovens can cook various types of food. They can cook vegetables, roast meat, bake bread and pizza, and much more.
  • They look great in your entertainment area and can be used as a decorative feature.

Which wood is the best to use?

When choosing wood for heating, you should only use dry hardwoods such as red gum or yellow box. These should be split into a size appropriate for the size of your oven. Avoid softwoods such a fruit tree woods as they can leave a sticky sap behind. Always use properly dried woods and develop a habit of prior heating so you can get an instant flame.

Natural Gas vs Propane Gas (LPG)

Natural gas and propane (LPG) are two different fuel source options. Natural gas is lighter than air and is considered a safer and obviously more convenient option but LPG is hotter, is portable, heats up fast, and therefore cooks quicker. The choice is yours but before starting always consult your authorities and plumbers before considering the fuel for cooking.

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Can gas and wood be used simultaneously in the pizza oven?

Definitely! There are some pizza oven variations offered in the market that are specifically designed to be used with both gas and wood. Cooking and baking can be done with both the fuel source to increase the flavour of your food. Gas can be used to control the temperature of the oven and the fire from the wood to control the appearance and taste of your food.

Efficiency or authenticity? Which one to choose?

A wood-fired pizza oven can give an authentic taste but it can come at a cost of time and effort. While a gas pizza oven can create an identical pizza hassle-free.

The option comes down to two different specifications. If you want a convenient, clean and simple way for cooking, then choose a gas oven. If you prefer to have a smoked and authentic flavored pizza and a perfect centerpiece to light up your party, then choose a wood-fired pizza oven. Yes, there are dual fuel options available but they are not so much preferred than regular ovens.


Both the ovens are head-to-head in most cases and are a great choice for your every need. But the imminent factor of the wood fire will never disappoint and there is something both primitive and special cooking with fire and is the reason why most of the people are inclined towards wood-fired ovens.

The choice will finally come down to you.  Take into consideration the advantages and disadvantages of both the ovens and your personal requirements and needs before choosing an oven.

Happy cooking!!!

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