Frequently Asked Questions

Are pizza ovens only good for cooking pizza?

Wood fired pizza ovens have become very popular and there are many videos available that show you how to cook in a wood fired oven. You can cook, pizza, bread, steaks, fish, caserole's, deserts and almost anything that can be cooked in a home style oven. In most cases, a wood fired oven cooks better because of the high heat and flame qualities produced by the wood.

Are your Ovens Gas or Wood fired?

We offer both, however, most of our ovens are traditional wood-fired ovens because there are very limited gas certified options available. Please make sure that the gas oven is approved for sale in Australia before you buy and avoid unnecessary risks.

What size are your ovens?

We have a range of sizes available from domestic 1 pizza ovens to large commercial 15 pizza ovens that can cook up to 150 pizza's in an hour. Whether you require a small oven for the backyard or a larger oven that is suitable for commercial use, we have you covered.

Are your ovens weather proof?

Yes, all our ovens are designed for the outdoors and do not need to be installed under cover. I still recommend protecting the ovens from the weather if not being used for long periods of time with a simple BBQ cover or similar.

How much wood do I need to heat my oven?

Depending on the size of the oven and what you intend on cooking, the amount of wood can vary from as little as 2 kg-10 kg of wood to start your oven.

Where are your ovens available?

Fornieri - Wood Fired Ovens sells ovens in Melbourne, all over Victoria and Tasmania

Should I buy a Brick or Stainless Steel pizza oven?

Good quality stainless steel ovens will cook pizza and other foods just like a brick or re-fractory oven and use much less wood than a cement based oven. Cement based ovens will maintain heat for longer and therefore this type of oven is better suited for bread baking and slow cooked meat dishes although they use more wood and energy.

What type of wood is best to use?

You should always use dry untreated hardwoods such as red gum. Do not use pine or fruit tree wood which will smoke and smell unless you have a specific need for that. Wood should be cut to size specific to the size of the oven.

Do your ovens come with a Warranty?

All our ovens come with a manufacturer warranty. This ranges from 12 months to 24 months depending on the product.

Can you Deliver and Install ovens?

Fornieri Wood Fired Ovens offers full delivery and installation options in Melbourne Metroplitan areas only. We can deliver anywhere and have easy to follow instructions and YouTube videos that can also help others install our products. Visit our website for more detail. 

Can you Repair my cracked and damaged oven?

On some occasions we can repair and restore cracked and damaged ovens. Most times, the ovens perform better than when they were new. Contact us for more information and some free firendly advice.

Can I convert my oven to Gas?

Wood fired ovens can be converted to use gas when they arte being built but it is extremely difficult if not impossible to convert them to use with gas after they have been built. It is also an expensive option to get the oven certified and approved to use with Gas in Australia. Please ensure you get professional and experienced advice if you are considering a gas fired oven in Australia.

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