I recommend light weight anodised aluminum tools and Alfa accessories to ensure you get the best performance out of your ovens. GiMetal and Regina pizza tools are made in Italy and are light weight professional tools.

GiMetal round perforated peel

GiMetal 36cm Round Perf Aluminium peel with 140cm Handle


Short Aluminium Pizza Peel

13-14 inch Short Perforated Aluminium Peel


Regina Perforated Peel

Regina Alluminum Perforated Peel 32-37cm with 120cm Handle


Regina Round S/Steel Peel

Regina Stainless 20cm Spinner, 160cm Handle


Regina Brush

Regina Brass Brush with 120cm Aluminium Handle


Alfa 160cm x 90cm Multi-Function Base


Alfa 4 pce Tool set

Alfa 120cm 4 Pce Aluminium Tool Set


Alfa 53cm Wood Rack

Alfa 37cm Wood Rack


Alfa 53cm Wood Rack

Alfa 59cm Wood Rack


Alfa BBQ500 37cm Grill Set

Alfa BBQ500 37cm Rotating Stainless Steel Set


550 Celcius Infrared Thermometer
550 Celcius Infrared Thermometer


Regina Pro Pizza Cutter
Regina Pro Pizza Cutter


Regina Poly Dough Scraper
Regina Poly Dough Scraper


Alfa 4 Pizze Cover
Alfa 4 Pizze Cover


5 Minuti Cover
Cover 5 Minuti


Alfa S/ML Cover - Top
Alfa S/M/L Cover - Top


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