Fornieri - Wood fired Ovens offers full Install and Repair Services in Melbourne.

At Fornieri – Wood Fired Ovens, we offer end to end services all over Melbourne when it comes to pizza ovens. We dont just sell pizza ovens, we will deliver, install and repair wood fired ovens and if required, we offer cooking lessons and free YouTube tutorials. A standard refractory or brick wood fired pizza oven installation starts from the foundation so you need to consider;

  1. BASE – You need a solid stable concrete base. The oven will weigh in excess of 700kg and a good solid base is essential.
  2. FRAME – The frame will sit on top of your base and can be constructed of Steel or Masonary (Brick/Block). Refer to the oven specifications for the size of the frame.
  3. SLAB – A concrete or hebel slab needs to be installed on top of the frame. We recommend 75mm Hebel slabs for wieght and insulating purposes.
  4. OVEN – The oven is built on top of the slab which is around 950mm from ground level to provide a good height when using the oven.
  5. CURING and SEALING – Always cure and seal a refractory oven before use. This process slowly dries out any moisture in the oven materials so you don’t end up splitting or cracking the oven dome and/or render finish.

Please Note: Always refer to the manufacturer's installation instructions for specific requirements to ensure you get longevity and enjoyment from your investment.


We purchased the Alfa Ciao pizza oven from Roberto and seriously couldn't be happier! Excellent and friendly service from Roberto and we absolutely love our pizza oven and the quality pizza it produces! Thanks Roberto!


Ladies and gentlemen, if you are considering buying a wood fire pizza oven you MUST do so via Robert at Fornieri Wood Fire Ovens. What a wealth of knowledge he has!!! From ever little detail that you don’t think of, he does!! And the craftsmanship; absolutely sensational, our pizza oven is a literal work of art! We couldn’t be more happier. Highly recommended!


I received my Alfa 4 PIZZE today and Roberto was great with his support to get the oven in my desired spot which was up some stairs in the garden.

He is very friendly and provides very good advice which also includes his YouTube videos.

If you are considering a purchase of a wood fired oven then go to Fornieri Wood Fired Ovens and speak to Roberto .
Cheers Frank


Forneri - Wood Fired Ovens are great. We were unsure what type of oven to get and needed more information. As Roberto sells both traditional and the Alfa Stainless steel ovens he really knows his stuff. We also really appreciated his youtube "how-to" videos that are very informative. Once we decided on the Alfa Ciao Oven he even set us up with some wood and a stainless wood holder at no extra cost, this was above and beyond. He has also helped us over the phone with our first few pizza nights, which were a great success and loved by all our family. we would be happy to recommend "Forneri - Wood Fired Ovens" to anyone looking for wood or gas fired pizza ovens and/or helpful advice. Thanks again Roberto


Thank you Rob!
Alfa 5 Minuti, looks amazing 🤩
Great service, and would recommend anyone looking to buy a pizza oven, to use his services.
Regards Tony


Great product and service. Rob is always available and ready to help. Could not be happier.
Highly recommended.


Roberto is knowledgeable, friendly and generous with his time. He helped us figure out which was the best pizza oven to suit our needs, and gave us excellent advice on everything from the set-up of the oven, to the pizza dough recipe! Would highly recommend Roberto and Fornieri Wood Fired Ovens to anyone seeking a high quality oven for a great price.

We are absolutely delighted with our pizza oven which Robert recently bought back to life following serious hail damage. His craftsmanship is exceptional. Thank you.



Does your existing pizza oven look like it needs to be thrown out and replaced? Fornieri – Wood Fired Ovens can consider repairing your oven and in some cases, the oven might perform better than when it was new. What we need to consider is;

  1. SIZE – Are you happy with the size of your oven and does it meet your needs?
  2. LOCATION – Are you happy with the location of your oven or do you want to look at re-locating it to another position?
  3. DESIGN – We will consider the design of the oven and if it is capable of delivering the performance we expect.
  4. COST – We can provide you with a no obligation free quote. We can also consider if the cost is appropriate for the type of oven or if a new oven would present more value.
Every Repair varies so if you are not sure, please contact Roberto on 0437 957 774 for some free advice and a no-obligation quote if required. We offer repair services around Metro Melbourne. You can also visit my YouTube Chanel and look at my repair video for more information.
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