Wood fired pizza ovens have become very popular and there is now an increased demand for gas fired pizza ovens. There are two common gas burner designs available, the straight burner and the tube burner, both providing similar results.

Please Note: There are very few approved gas fired pizza oven options in Australia and New Zealand. Australia has very strict guidelines and there are substancial costs associated with getting these approvals. To ensure customer safety, please check that the gas fired oven you are considering is approved for use in Australia and avoid any un-necessary risks.

Alfa Forni pizza ovens

Alfa Forni offer a residential and professional line of gas fired pizza ovens that are made from insulated stainless steel with refractory floors. The quick heat up times make this type of oven ideal for home use or in a mobile food truck and Cafe. Alfa Forni have produced two gas fired pizza ovens for the residential market, the Alfa ONE and the BRIO. Alfa also offer a range of commercial handcrafted ovens, designed and manufactured using “cotto” firebricks which are produced by Alfa in its Anagni kiln, near Rome. These ovens have a quick recovery time.

Please Note: The Alfa ONE and Alfa BRIO gas fired ovens are being tested to meet Australian standards and will be available for sale in Australia by October 2021. Alfa Commercial Gas Ovens are NOT APPROVED for use with gas in Australia and required Certification according to State Laws.

Alfa ONE gas fired residential oven TOP


Alfa Brio gas fired residential oven TOP


Alfa Quick gas fired commercial oven with Base


Alfa Napoli gas

Alfa Napoli 130cm gas fried commercial oven


esposito forni, wood fired pizza oven

Esposito Forni commercial gas fired pizza overs are made from a compressed firebrick. These ovens are handcrafted and customised to your liking and Esposito offer a rotating base option on all their ovens. These ovens are perfect for the busy pizzeria and their designs will become the centrepiece of your restaurant. Click here to inspect their range. These ovens also need to have Type B certification completed by qualified plumbers in Australia.

Please Note: Esposito Gas Ovens are NOT APPROVED for use with gas in Australia and required Certification according to State Laws.


Esposito Forni 100-200cm gas fired oven's starting from



Esposito Forni 100-200cm gas fired ovens with mosaic coating starting from


saetta_gas_inox_rame-300x300 (1)

Esposito Forni 100-200cm gas oven with rotating base and under floor burner with copper coating starting from


NOTE: All Prices Quoted exclude delivery, installation and certification costs. Please allow a minimum of 120 days when ordering a commercial brick oven. 

Valoriani forni ovens

Valoriani Forni have an AGA Approved gas burner for installation in Australia which does not require Type B certification in their 120cm and 140cm commercial ovens. This means you only need a Type A plumber to set up and connect the gas burner.

Valoriani GR Series Kit

Valoriani GR Series 120cm commercial refractory Kit with Spitfire automatic gas burner (140cm also available)


Valoriani igloo, wood fired oven

Valoriani Igloo Series 120cm complete commercial oven with Stand and Spitfire Gas Burner


Valoriani R120 Rotating Gas Oven

Valoriani R120 Rotating Spitfire Gas commercial oven with metal cladding and stand



  • With the flick of a switch, a gas oven is in operation, making it easier to operate than a wood fired oven.   Just simply let them heat up and then let your pizza cook away.
  • Gas fired pizza ovens don't have ash or wood to dispose of afterwards, making them a cleaner way to cook pizza. There is a lot less clean up time with a gas fired pizza oven or even a dual fuel oven.
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