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Dual Fuel Pizza Ovens - A Guide

Dual fuel pizza oven offers a versatile way to cook pizza, roast, and bake various foods. These ovens have a diverse choice of fuels that will let you experience the ideal results. The dual-fuel pizza oven, used with gas and wood, is an unqualified way to cook the most authentic pizza, providing you with the choice of running the stove on just wood, gas and wood, or gas alone. These ovens offer an ideal way to cook different dishes and roast various vegetables to develop delicious tangs.

The unparalleled dual-fuel ovens are built to run on propane or natural gas or wood or propane gas. Commercial settings like coffee junctions, restaurants and pizza parlours typically use natural gas. Natural gas can also be used inside the home and in the backyard if you have external gas connections, but propane gas or wood can be the perfect choice for backyards.

These ovens also come with a UL listed commercial jet gas burner for safety and durability. The burners help to provide a sufficient amount of evenly dispersed heat to cook pizza in a few minutes. The thick protecting lining used in dual fuel ovens will allow them to heat just 25-30 minutes and hold the heat for a prolonged time.

To better understand dual fuel pizza ovens, let us dig deeper to discover more about these ovens.

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Can You Use A Gas Pizza Oven With Wood At The Same Time?

Dual fuel pizza ovens are crafted to potentiate the efficiency of these ovens. You can cook with wood and stabilize temperatures using gas. Gas pizza ovens exhibit better performance when used together with wood.  The efficiency of gas is since the dome attains 600+ degrees as soon as you turn it on; wood takes its own time to burn and increase the oven's temperature. 

In restaurants, the wood is set in the middle of the oven. They turn on the gas to the required temperature. When the temperature reaches 374° to 500° Fahrenheit, wood combusts without lighting a match. This process offers excellent convenience to homeowners and chefs as they are set free of the hazard tendering the fire.

Once the wood catches fire and the fire is in its full swing, you can turn off the gas and transfer the coal to the side. Depending on the model you use, dual fuel ovens will heat up to 10 to 20 minutes faster.  

Dual fuel ovens exhibit efficiency and authenticity, and when you are concerned about the reliability of the food, double fuel ovens are the right solution to choose.

With dual fuel ovens, you get the same flavour as a wood-fired pizza oven but with a much lesser effort.


A gas pizza oven with wood can make a consistently good product, and its management reduces the burden on the involvement and skill of your cooking staff.

Dual fuel pizza ovens are designed to consider modern convenience and comfort for the users, and these ovens are a bond of quality and suitability. 

Dual fuel ovens are professional grade. These ovens are designed to perform, to create the best flavour - and are built to last. Because of their endurance and quality, some of the best chefs and restaurants worldwide use dual fuel ovens.

How Do Dual Fuel Ovens Perform Differently Than Brick Ovens?

Brick ovens have a three-dimensional effect to reach the desired heat; the refraction of flame from fire, thermal re-distribution, and heat from the oven's floor. In dual fuel ovens, the heating effect is much faster due to the double impact of wood and gas. There is no difference in thermal re-distribution, whether it is a gas pizza oven or wood-fired, as it is a natural phenomenon.

Due to the impact of gas, the dome and the centre of the oven will typically heat faster, and the wood would help simultaneously to heat the floor giving a double effect of heating the oven.

Whether you need to bake, roast, steam or smoke, super fast or slow, dual fuel ovens offer different cooking styles with the proper thermal performance.

Significant Benefits Of Dual Fuel Ovens Over Single Fuel Ovens?

  • There are some significant benefits of having a dual fuel oven when compared to single fuel ovens:

    Have The Ambience Of Wood-Fired Cooking

    Some pizza enthusiasts need a feel of wood-fired cooking but in a much simpler process. So with dual fuel ovens, they benefit from using gas as the primary fuel source and only use wood to advance flavour and a surge of freshness.

    Convenient Bread Baking

    Suppose you have a lot of bread baking before you cook pizza. In that case, the gas-assist at a lower temperature will do the job perfectly for you. Doing this can free your staff to attend to other essential tasks. Once the bread is baked, they will add wood and bring the oven to the desired temperature.

    Maintaining And Controlling The Temperatures

    Controlling the temperatures with gas in a dual fuel oven is convenient; overheating pizza with wood fire takes a long time to cool down. Especially during the rush hours of lunch or dinner, a gas-assist commercial dual fuel pizza oven helps maintain the temperature in the pizza oven. 

    The convenience of preserving and controlling temperatures in gas-assist dual fuel ovens ensures freeing your staff up from tendering fire to emphasize the vital task of serving your customers adequately.

    In addition to the above significant benefits, the dual fuel pizza oven allows you to bake pizza in places that are declared no-burn zones, and in those jurisdictions too that are introducing no-burn days. Running your dual fuel oven on gas under these circumstances can do the job for you.

    The Final Thought

    Dual fuel pizza ovens are engineered to promise an experience of excellent and effortless pizza cooking. The blend of confident functionality and unparallel traditional cuisine with a high heat environment offers you an absolute choice of choosing the fuel to cook the most authentic pizza.

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