SFB Calabrese 80cm pre-cast brick front Kit


SFB Calabrese Entertainer 95cm pre-cast brick front Kit


SFB Calabrese NEO 80cm pre-cast Kit


SFB Calabrese NEO 95cm pre-cast Kit


SFB Pompeii pre-cut brick 85cm Kit


SFB Pompeii pre-cut brick 100cm Kit


Alfa Tradizionale 93cm cotto refractory Kit



Valoriani FVR Series 80 or 100cm Kits from

$2,399 - $2,950

Valoriani Top Series oven

Valoriani Top Series 100 or 120cm Kits from

$3,599 - $4,150

Please Note: Prices listed above do not include freight costs from Sydney Australia.

The Wood Fired Co. Australian made pre-cast or brick wood fired DIY Kits

The Australian experts in high quality refractory materials, insulation, mortar, and more. Their extensive experience has made them a leading supplier of domestic and commercial products and wood fired DIY ovens made in Australia. DIY ovens come in an easy to install kit or they can be professionally installled on site (depending on your location). These ovens have been made to meet our Australian conditions and boast a 100mm thick refractory inner dome, with un-beatable heat retention qualities. These ovens are perfect for slow cooking requirements and baking full loads of bread.

If you are looking to add an extra feature to your home, consider a wood fired oven by The Wood Fired Co. Bring your family and friends closer together and entertain them in style by cooking some of the most memorable pizza’s, steaks, lamb roasts and breads they have ever seen and tasted.

Pre-cast dome oven kits can be built over 2 days and pre-cut brick oven kits generally take around 3-4 days for the DIY enthusiasts. You will also need a solid ground area to build a frame on because these ovens weigh around 700kg excluding the frame. If you are considering having the oven professionaly installed, contact Roberto for some friendly advice and a free quote. You can also get some more information on our Install & Repair page.

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