Zeno electric commercial pizza oven

Fuel: Electricity
Average consumption: 7kW
Maximum power: 13kW

Oven dimensions WxDxH: 131x171x184 cm
Weight: 650 Kg

Minutes to cook
60 min to reach 200°C
120 min to reach 500°C

Number of pizzas: 6
Pizzas per hour: 100

Color: Silver Grey Zeno


Zeno is a Neapolitan electric oven that reaches a temperature of 500°C.

It needs no chimney, unless expressly required by local laws, and it can neutralise bad smells with a simple odour eliminator.

It attains temperatures as high as a real wood-fired oven, which makes it perfect for countries where it is very complicated to get authorised to burn firewood. The exposed heating elements of the dome allow a rapid heating of the oven floor as well. By virtue of Alfa Forni’s high-density refractory bricks, the heat is retained much longer than in competing products, resulting in a drastic reduction in power consumption.

Thanks to the continuous research during the development stage of the Zeno oven, Alfa Forni has come up with the idea of keeping the control panel in the upper part to get the oven separate from the base. This feature allows you to choose whether to use the appliance without its base for greater ease of installation or to use it in all its glory as a compact and complete oven.

Average consumption 7 kW
Maximum power 13 kW
Oven dimensions WxDxH 131x171x184 cm
(landing 36 cm wide)
Base height 97 cm
Mouth size 54×14 cm
Weight about 650 kg
Floor height 125 cm
Minutes to cook 60 min to reach 250°C
120 min to reach 500°C
Pizzas at a time 6 pizze
Baking trays at a time 2 trays 60×40 cm
Pizzas per hour 100
Baking time for pizza 60 seconds
Touch screen 5 inches-vertical
Floor size 6 pizzas of 30 cm each – 75 x 105 cm
Chimney flue Ø12 cm
Bricks 50×50 cm (5 cm thick) – 30×20 Alfa
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